April 2021, Shenzhen Publishing Group launched new books called “Shenzhen Pioneer Demonstration Series·Science and Technology Innovation Volume” .

The book consists of 4 series and Invengo was reported and published in the book of “Bearing and Vision: Mechanisms Generate Innovation” . The report subject of Invengo in the book was “Continuous Innovation Boosts IOT”. It introduceed the history, innovations, achievements and honors of Invengo.

“Shenzhen Pioneer Demonstration Series·Science and Technology Innovation Volume” was the first official book that systematically reviewed Shenzhen’s experience of scientific and technological innovations. The series of book reported the strategies and achievements of Shenzhen high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries. The publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee regarded the series as an important publication, which can provide useful experiences as a model to benefit economic development of other domestic cities.

In the 5G era, the trend of Internet of Everything is unstoppable. As the first listed company in the RFID industry in China and the world’s leading RFID and IoT technology solution provider, Invengo will insist on developing strategy of endogenous and extensional development mode to keep the leading position in IOT and RFID industry. Invengo will continue to cultivate in the RFID industry, focusing on vertical industries in combination with emerging technologies such as big data and AI. And will continue to lead industry innovation, promoting industrial chain collaboration and industrial networking development .

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