Global Channel

Invengo's diversified and balanced RFID product offering contains both RAIN RFID as HF/NFC products supporting a large verity of market solutions.

Invengo Channel Product Offering

Invengo’s elaborate product offering, containing (handheld) readers, antenna’s, smart devices and consumables, are designed to enable end-users to reach and sustain high levels of performance in all global RAIN RFID or HF/NFC frequency regions.

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Library Services

Invengo’s International Library division (branded FE Technologies) has grown from 2007 into one of the most successful suppliers of library RFID products.

Invengo Library Offering

Invengo’s Library Solutions allow commercial as well as university libraries to easily manage their assets using a fully integrated, RFID based, software solution combined with state-of-the art hardware and consumables supporting a variety of security, self-service, return and librarian functions.

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Welcome to The Global RFID Technology Provider


Invengo – the global RFID technology provider – is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality, intelligent RAIN RFID (UHF) and NFC (HF) inlays, tags and connectivity solutions utilized in the Internet of Things (IoT). With a focus on RFID innovation, Invengo has created a leading product line in retail, library, pharmaceutical, healthcare, (public) transportation and many other industries.

Equipped with over 20 years of experience in RFID, Invengo is fully dedicated enabling efficiency in applications such as ticketing, identity management, supply chain management, authentication, asset management and brand equity.


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