December 3, 2021, Invengo and Shenzhen Fenglian Technology Co., Ltd., a strategic incubator of SF holding, held an in-depth cooperation signing ceremony at Invengo headquarters.

Guangzhu Chen(Chairman of Invengo), Yunbo Wang and Shan Zhu(Senior Vice Presidents of Invengo), Kun Sun(President of SF holding high-tech and manufacturing industry), Lin Yan(general manager of Fenglian Technology), and Jian Yang(head of Fenglian Technology’s market) attended the event .

As Invengo has advantages of technology accumulations and industry solutions for decades in IOT industry, Fenglian has advantages of supply chain logistics in 3C industry and SF holding owns rich industrial resources in logistics. They decided to build a in-deepth cooperation by integrating their advantages. Yunbo Wang and Lin Yan signed the cooperation agreement at the scene.

According to the agreement, based on the demands of intelligent and digital logistics in 3C industry from Fenglian, Invengo will help Fenglian to improve products, technologies and solutions to innovate a new service mode in 3C supply chain and logistics. New logistics ecology will be benefited from this win-win cooperation.

This cooperation is not a simple addition in math. It is a organic integration by using RFID and IOT technologies from Invengo to apply inside a new ecology in 3C supply chain and logistics. This invonation will change the traditional solution and create massive values for the entrie society and all customers.

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