About Invengo’s Textile Services product offering

Invengo provides a wide range of RAIN RFID (UHF) and HF products designed for the Laundry & Textile Services industry. Both hardware and tags & inlays that are suitable for identification and tracking of textile products in industrial environments are part of the Invengo Laundry & Textile Services.

Please find our textile product offering below.

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RAIN RFID (UHF) Tag Offering



Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
10 x 59 mm (0.39 x 2.32 in)
Monza R6-P Integrated Circuit
Designed for hem insertion

LinTRAK-SLIM Product Details

LinTRAK Flexible UHF Tag

Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
20 x 60 mm (0.78 x 2.36 in)
Monza 5 Integrated Circuit
Specifically designed for linen products

LinTRAK Product Details


20 x 20 x 0,45 mm
Self-adhesive tag, delivered in rolls
Can be easiliy integrated into items
Over 5 m read performance with secondary antenna

AK5 Product Details


7 x 7 mm (0.27 x 0.27 in)
Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
Monza 5 Integrated Circuit
Ideal to identify small items

MuTRAK Product Details

RAIN RFID (UHF) Hardware offering

u-Door Cabin

Mass reading or encoding
Automatic door lock system
Shielded structure
Multiple item check-in and check-out

u-Door Product Details

ILRS-500 Laundry Station

Station for multiple reading points
Minimum reading rate 99,8%
Optional floor stand
Conveyor, hanging and quality control station

ILRS-500 Product Details

PAD500 Reading Station

USB connection to PC
Low profile, fully integrated
Various read/write applications
Small and convenient table-top station

PAD500 Product Details

SRU500 Near Field Reading Station

Compact table-top Station
Ideal for textile items in stacks or piles
Controlled read/write range
High quality, scratch resistant

SRU500 Product Details

SPU500 EAS Station

Compact surveillance station
Controlled RF field
Usable in confined environments
Detects moving and static items

SPU500 Product Details

HF Tag offering

BluTAG Durable HF Tag

Diameter 15 mm (0.59 in)
Frequency13.56 MHz
ISO 15693, ISO-18000-3-1
Designed for harsh laundry processes

BluTAG Product Details

Ario SM & DM HF Tags

Small and robust
Square or disk modules
Available as cingulated modules
Withstand harsh environmental conditions

Ario SM & DM Product Details

Folio FM HF Tag

Cost effective
Ultra-thin and flexible
Converted paper inlays with various ICs
Optimal performance in a variety of environments

Folio FM Product Details

HF Hardware offering

Aero LB HF Antenna

Robust packaged antenna
Mid-size product
Suited for rough industrial environments
Delivered with a coaxial cable and BNC connector

Aero LB Product Details

Aero LF-SHD HF Antenna

Very small HF OEM antenna
One inch circular PCB antenna
Packaged with components and connector
Available with SMA connector or 2-pin header

Aero LF-SHD Product Details

LSA4-SHD HF Stack Antenna

Robust table-top antenna
Precise multi-read capabilities
Ideal for industrial type applications
Delivered with a 3 m built-in coaxial cable

LSA4-SHD Product Details

Medio L40 HF Reader and Kit

Compact and robust HF reader
Highly performant in industrial settings
4 RF channels for complex antenna configuration
Delivered as a kit with cables and accessoires

Medio L40 Product Details

Medio P200u HF Reader

Mid-range reader
Small size and light weight
Ideal item-level tracking solution
Robust with an ergonomic casing

Medio P200u Product Details

Medio P232/P233 OEM Readers

Small OEM boards
Mid-range read/write applications
Easily embedded into small reader devices
RS232 TTL serial communication link

Medio P232/P233 Product Details

SCH40 HF Smart Chute

30 x 30 cm aperture
Easy to fix onto wall structures
Ideal solution for soiled garment returns
Integrates a flap and built-in optical sensor

SCH40 Product Details

TR-CA/PCB HF Conveyor Antenna

Large OEM antennas
Made of 1 to 4 overlapping PCB antennas
Designed for industrial settings
Large reading area for optimal performance

TR-CA/PCB Product Details

TR-CAU HF Conveyor Antenna

Easy to install
Withstands harsh conditions
Conveyor speed of 60 cm/s
ISO 15693 compatible

TR-CAU Product Details

TR-HA1 HF Wand Antenna

Convenient handheld wand antenna
Precise reading capabilities
Ideal for industrial laundries
On/off push button for on-demand read mode

TR-HA1 Product Details

TR-SA HF Stack Antenna

Robust table-top antenna
Large detection area
Ideal to read items in stacks
Delivered with removable ergonomic guides

TR-SA Product Details

Tunnel HF Antenna

Robust yet compact
ISO 15693 compliant
3D RFID antenna configuration
Reads items in bulk, bags or stacked

Tunnel Product Details

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