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Invengo underlines its commitment to RFID market working together with the best-in-class RFID system integrators and value added resellers to provide state of the art market consumables, hardware and solutions. Supported by Invengo’s R&D teams around the world (and strengthened by more than 25 years of RFID experience working on world’s biggest RFID implementations) the Invengo empowered solutions help end-users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of RFID identification performance.

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Retail (stock, traceability & loyalty)

Bringing item level visibility to increase sales, reduce loss and enhance consumers’ experiences in the store. Invengo’s retail-based RFID solution provides companies with item-level supply chain visibility from the point of manufacture to the store. Using NFC, retailers can improve shopper loyalty and maximize profit.

Laundry & Textile Services

The laundry & textile services are designed for real-time inventory management of textile assets. It secures system’s interoperability within the textile services supply chain. Laundry operations are streamlined, automated and offer real-time reports, resulting in reduces of linen losses and optimization of linen stock rotation.


Library & Document Management

Invengo’s InLib RFID based Library Management & Document Tracking Solutions provide identification of books and media. InLib is a complete suite of innovative RFID solutions optimized for public and academic libraries to achieve exceptional application results, increasing personnel efficiency and patrons experience.


Pharma & Healthcare

Providing brand protection, counterfeit prevention and supply chain visibility to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products and efficiency of the supply chain.


Logistics & Warehousing

Tracking (containers and containerized) goods throughout the supply chain — including transportation, border crossing and warehousing — poses unique challenges for logistics companies and shippers.


Food Traceability

Combining Logistic & Warehousing functionalities with Invengo’s RFID-based system for the identification and tracking of fresh products, including livestock, providing history and location information for tracking origin to consumption.


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