Your introduction to a new and affordable technology

Intellifi by Invengo solutions make it easy and affordable to identify and localize people or products in and around specific locations. It’s cloud connected and bridges the benefits of low-cost passive RAIN RFID (UHF) and long range Bluetooth sensor technology into a single Internet of Things platform. For customers, this will be translated directly into saving time and money in the whole life-cycle of solution: the development, the deployment, and the operational phase. Interested? Join our partner training (hosted by Ultra RFID) and learn how you and your customers can benefit from this technology.

Why join? You will…

  • Learn more about the latest localization technology
  • Learn about successful business/use cases deploying identification and localization solutions
  • Learn about the benefits of cloud ready deployment
  • Learn how to sell and implement solutions based on Invengo by Intellifi product offering
  • Become an Invengo InPower certified partner
  • Benefit from a special one-time offering on the Invengo by Intellifi starter/demo kit.

RFID applications based on Invengo by Intellifi technology

  • Healthcare (- Track and manage your moving property, – Increase efficiency and safety within your operations, – Quickly locate people and assets)
  • Retail (- Fully automated inventories, – Touch a product and provide on screen information, – Measure customer interest and loyalty)
  • Logistics (- Locate and track your items, – Increase efficiency within your operations, – Quickly locate people and assets)
  • Office & Flex Working (- Find empty workplaces and people to meet, – Locate lost chairs and other office furniture, – Selective acces control)

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