In May 21, 2021, the event of “Xidian University 90th Anniversary & Achievement Seminar of New Intelligent Technology Applications In Library” was successfully held. This event was hosted by Invengo in the conference hall of Yifu Library on the north campus of Xidian University.

At the seminar, Chaoyang Xu who is the general manager of Invengo (Ningbo) Cultural Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech on “Let’s read as free as breathe”. Focusing on the RFID applications in smart libraries, he introduced the latest RFID intelligent products and solutions of Invengo, which included cross-floor intelligent sorting system, invisible security gates, and smart bookshelf, etc. Furthermore, Xu and guests had a active and deep conversations and communications on applications of new concepts, new technologies, and new products in the construction of the next generation of library platform.

RFID technology plays an important role in the construction of smart libraries. It can provide a strong support of building a new ecology of smart reading on campus.

As the world’s leading provider of RFID smart library management solutions, Invengo has been deeply involved in library industry for 16 years, and has a full range of library management products and solutions, including self-service borrowing and return system, mobile inventory, security gate, smart bookshelf, etc. The company provides full supports and services from products to solutions to upgrade informatization of  libraries .

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