Needs of public culture and application technologies are mutually thriving. Thus abundant collections can not meet requirements of the society. Increasing number of “Smart friends” is joining the party of social services to satisfy diversities of people’s needs.

Invengo children’s self-loan station is designed from the perspective of children’s development and leaning requirement. The product appearance is designed as cartoon robot with bright color, which can attract children and increase their interests.

In terms of safety and security, this station applied rounded corner designs to prevent children from being accidentally injured. The entire body is modular designed structure and each part can independently install, repair and replace. This make maintenance easier and more efficient which is economical to different types of libraries.

The station integrates multi-functions, such as borrowing, returning, renewing, query, and receipt printing, which make it high flexible and adoptable. Various methods including reader card, ID card, face identification and QR code, can be used to verify and login the library system. The device has a 21.5-inch touch screen with voice and text prompts. The operation interface is concise and intuitive, which smoothly guide reader to use.

HF/UHF RFID module is configured inside the device. The module allows to read multiple RFID book tags, and readers can borrow and return multiple books per time. The reading range is well controlled to prevent string reading and misreading.

The infrared sensor is configured on the surface of the device, and the system will automatically switch to sleep mode if no operations happens in a long term. When readers stand within 0.5m to the device, the station will automatically wake up and screen will turn on.

Stations can exercise children’s practical ability and self-service awareness, and make children borrow books with full of technological fun, which helps to increase the reading interests of children.

Moreover, the devices can reduce and simplify procedures of manual borrowing and returning. This new products can promote the intelligent management, efficient service in a library, and also reduce the cost of human resources.

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