Chongqing Library is an important public city library in Chongqing. The library has the most comprehensive collections, the largest volume of preservation and the most complete collections of publications during the period of China’s Anti-Japanese War. It is a library full of history and honors, including“National Key Protection Unit for Ancient Books”, “National First-Level Library”, and “Civilized Unit of Chongqing”. This is not only a large-scale comprehensive public library, but also a important service centre for literature collection and exchange, which provide a cultural exchange platform.

Over the years, the administrator of Chongqing Library has paid great attention to the development of the library’s intelligent and digital construction. In 2011, Invengo reached the first cooperation with Chongqing Library, and undertook the “24-hour study of the city” project of Chongqing Library in 2017.

In 2020, with the advantages of the strong brand strength, excellent product performance, and complete after-sales service system, Invengo built cooperation again with Chongqing Library on the project of equipment upgrading and renovation.

Based on the current conditions of RFID technology and equipment, Invengo provide a customized upgrading solution in order to meet the requirement of an modern smart library to the Chongqing Library.

Self-loan stations have been placed inside the Chonqing Library, and new function of social security card identification and ID card registration have been upgraded. Besides, identification pillar is set up in the front door of the 24-hour study of the city, and connected to the library system. Social security card is also can be used to access the 24-hour study of the city.

Moreover, when the entire project have been finished, “All-In-One card”will benefit all local residents in Sichuan and Chongqing. People can simply access Chongqing Library, Sichuan Provincial Library and Chengdu Library with social security card or electronic card without multiple registration. Library collections can be borrowed or returned from any of the library in Sichuan province and Chongqing city with out regional restriction.

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